Hi, I'm Angela.

Surfing and Sequins originated as a blog in April 2015. I was living in The Hamptons, raising my 3 sons' solo. My life had been and was continuing to be one set of “disasters” after another.

Soon after Surfing and Sequins started my oldest son was diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis and blogging became a coping tool.  As Surfing And Sequins grew I realized that by sharing what we went through I was able to help other people.

Recently I had an out-of-the-blue, no-risk factors stroke at 40 to add to our list of life "crisis's"  Having a stroke has made me more determine to share how we cope and help others learn how to get through "disasters" without letting them  pull you down.  

Now on the Surfing And Sequins blog, you will read our story that taught us (and continues to teach) that anyone has the option to choose happy no matter what “disaster” life deals. You'll find tips for coping and to teach your kids to cope when life just doesn’t do what we ever thought it would.

Why does it work? Happiness feels good, so come hang out at the blog and get a little inspiration, or a good laugh….. No matter who you are I can promise somehow I’ll make you smile (:

Shop Talk

Now I'm sharing my life and on the professional side I am helping to share the knowledge of social media I gained over the past two years. Surfing And Sequins can guide your small business on the East End in many ways. We offer boutique social media management services that support you in building identity, awareness, and relationships of your brand. Interested in a complimentary consultation? Click here.

Most recently we have partnered with The Resort App company to support them in bringing The Hamptons App to the East End. The Hamptons App is set to do what The Val App did in Val.  Learn more here.

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