How I Know Anyone Can Choose Happiness

I don't know many people reach adulthood and believe the phrase ,"life is easy".

A few get lucky, but at some point 99% of us face have had to face a "hardship".  For some, that might look like having a family member pass away, for others , it might be having an abusive parent or spouse,  others it's a car accident...

They come in all shapes and sizes,  but they have two thing in common. First, they all suck.

It is always something you never wanted to happen or even something so bad you never even imagined it being a possibility. Any life "disaster" is just  awful. And even when the experience is the same(cancer, divorce) it still affects each of us differently.

Second, everyone has the power to choose to be happy, no matter how horrific the situation is.  I truly believe that every human being is capable of learning happiness and it is a lesson we can teach those around us.

After you have gone through a true "crisis" you find yourself sharing the story of yours. Let me share with you my own story. 

My boys were 10 months, 2 years, and 5 years old on the day I packed a diaper bag, grabbed everyone's favorite stuffed animal and left my husband. Since that day we  have had lots of things thrown at us. We have lived with diagnosis's of ADHD, Autism, issues with living situations, lack of affordable housing, not receiving any child support, school switches, and medical issues including my son's diagnosis of JA and most recently my out-of-the-blue stroke at 40.

Never will I ever tell you that what I have or am experiencing is any worse then whatever you feel is the "worst-thing-ever" thing in your life.  My story is no rougher then the one next to me. But what I will tell you is that no matter what is happening you have the power to choose happiness.

How? It can be the hardest thing ever when you hit rock bottom to find one reason to smile or find joy. There are lots of strategies my crew has developed and on your journey you will find things that work for you.

A few things we use:

  • Could it be worse? It might seem obvious, but in today's world sadly all you have to do is turn on the news and you will probably hear about something worse than what you are going through.
  • Sing your favorite song and push the "disaster" out of your mind. Music is always a happiness trigger in our home.
  • Embrace it and find the good. After my stroke I had to start walking. The boys were not at all happy about having to join me. When it turned into a walk in the village with ice cream at the end, suddenly it was a really fun thing to do.

you control your mind

Once you realize you can choose happiness at any point of your life no matter what is happening around you, it is like holding a magic wand and life feels good.

As a matter of fact, I'd say my life is happier then lots of other people I know. Definitely not easier.  Having that wand makes the rough road we have been down much easier. 

I would never tell you that learning to choose to be happy during a "crisis" is easy.While you start to think about each situation you find yourself in and look for the "silver lining" more often you will see how it can be done. It has taken us a long time and lots of practice to get it right. It won't be easy but it is possible.

Need help? Hang out  here on the blog and I'll be sharing the hard stuff and how we find ways to enjoy getting through it all. 

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My favorite part of blogging is getting to show you not just the HAPPINESS we find but the tough crap we deal with and push aside.

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