How To Get Everyone Happy When The World Sucks

We have all been there. That moment that nothing feels good. Your whole family seems to be getting hit with one thing after another after....

You are feeling frantic. No matter what you do you just can't grasp a good feeling. No matter what direction, it all sucks.

Sometimes it's really lots of little not-important stuff. But other times the problems are real. And they are big. It's the moment that you are hit hard.  Your whole universe is turned upside down and nothing about it feels good.

I want to promise you something...

You can and will find a way to get yourself happy (and your crew too)

Here are 5 things I've done countless times with lots of different combos of kids with one consistent result every single time.  Everyone is happy when we are done.

They might seem slightly self(mom)centered. Or maybe like not the best parenting, but they work. And sometimes we need to just do something that will make things feel better.

1. Music

Turn it on and turn it up. Take turns, but pick good music. You are the one who needs to feel better first. Your kids can learn to love Beastie Boys (you get the point) and will still be great adults.

2. Pedicures

Yes, I do have 3 sons (more about me here) and 90% of the time have a crew full of boys. They can still take care of their feet. Trust me one day you will have a daughter in law and she will appreciate your efforts.

3. Target

No, I am not being paid to say this, but, I love Target. After my stroke the first place I went was with my youngest was Target. I got a giddy feeling walking in. It's the place you can take a colicky baby, a cranky toddler, a demanding preschooler..... you get it, and they will leave happy. That dollar spot has saved my sanity during years of momming more times then I will ever admit. 

4. Walk

 Anywhere you live, city, country, you can walk out of your home and walk. The added benefit, vitamin D makes you happy. This one can be a harder sell for the rest of the crew so make it fun. Plan a fun treat when you get home OR tell a story as you walk. 

5. Play A Game

This might be the trickiest one to execute and really make it work. The secret is in really picking the right game. It must provide entertainment from watching the little ones OR you should really love to play. Don't offer anything that doesn't meet one of those two criteria. Think simple, often a killer go-fish game is all you need 🙂 

Having these tools is honestly a life changer. I hope you live in a home where things go so smoothly always. If that's not your house and you know what it's like to have everyone miserable at once, then use these tools. They are powerful. And at the end of the day not only will you feel better, you will have set an awesome example for your crew on self worth AND made them happy in the process. 

My favorite part of blogging is getting to show you not just the HAPPINESS we find but the tough crap we deal with and push aside.

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